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Each Province to Arrange a Model Flea Market to Boost Food Safety Standards
The Ministry of Public Health is accelerating the setting up of at least a model flea market in each province in order to promote food safety standards. Deputy Public Health Minister Surawit Khonsomboon said that the project would be completed by the end of 2012, in response to the Government’s policy to develop Thailand as the “Kitchen of the World.” more
Meeting to plot eurozone crisis reaction
The government has called a meeting of nine ministries related to the economy today to discuss measures to deal with the looming impact of the eurozone debt crisis on the Thai economy. more
European SMEs especially keen on Asean presence and role in global supply chain.
PHNOM PENH : The European Union, despite the ongoing economic woes of some of its members, is keen to increase its trade and investment into the smaller countries of Asean as it says there is a greater potential for growth in this part of the world. more
Big cars may not get carbon tax break
Small cars emitting low levels of carbon dioxide may be granted excise tax reductions, but large cars with similarly low levels of gas output may not receive same benefit. more
BoT: Europe crisis won’t hurt economy
The continuing financial crisis in Europe is causing uncertainty but it will not have much impact on the Thai economy, a central bank official said Tuesday. more

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