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TEBA meets with the Thai Customs Department for the new Customs Alliances initiative  
Thursday 31 August 2017 14:08 |
On the 10th of January, TEBA and its distinguished members were one of the first invited by the Customs Department of Thailand to help them introduce their new "Customs Alliances" initiative to the world. 

The "Customs Alliances" initiative plans to facilitate more efficient and transparent interactions for all importers and exporters in Thailand for the following industries: Iron & Steel, Machinery, Electrical Equipment, Vehicles, Pharmaceutical and Agricultural products.

This will be implemented through the use of a new mobile friendly application designed to make the interaction between Importers-Exporters and the Customs Department easier.

The Partner Benefits are as follows
1. An official Account Officer (AO) will be designated for partners who will help solve          problems directly and correctly in a timely manner
2. Time saving & cost reducing
3. Creates more transparency and accountability for both partners

1. Company Name 
2. Company Tax ID Numbers 
3. Name and Tel No. of contact person


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